UPDATE: Collection for Cancer de Mama

November 1, 2018

Hello all lymphedema patients, therapists, and supporters!

LAM is collecting used bandages and garments and donating them for repurposing, to a not-for-profit clinic, Cancer de Mama, serving breast cancer survivors who have no resources to pay for treatment or supplies.

Many of you have already dropped off items – a heartfelt thank you! For those of you who have not, please consider adding your donations to those already collected.

Items needed:

Compression sleeves and gloves

Compression bandages

Gently used prostheses

Prosthetic bras (foam & underwire okay)

Regular bras (no foam please): desperately need 34B; 36 38 and 40 in B&Cs

Sports bras

Dark wigs (no grey or blond please), oblong scarves and summer weight hats

Warm shawls

(Please note foam is not needed due to a large donation recently received)

Give your used articles a second purpose.

Please wash bandages prior to donating; they will be sanitized before distributing.

3 drop off locations are available:

Diamond Athletics (75 Poseidon Bay)

Never Alone Foundation (Wpg Sun building at 1700 Church, phone 204 779 2441 in advance)

125 Turnbull Drive (please call 204 275 6970 in advance)

LAM was alerted to this need via a few local individuals who volunteer for this cause. For more information about Cancer de Mama, visit their website at http://www.cancerdemamaclinic.com