How to Get a Diagnosis

To diagnose lymphedema, it is advised to talk with your doctor. Not all health professionals are knowledgeable about lymphedema and its best treatment. In order to be properly diagnosed, please ask your primary doctor to refer you to a Vascular Specialist.

Vascular Specialists in Manitoba*

– Dr. A. Junaid
– Dr. R. Guzman
– Dr. A. Boyd

* This list in not an exhaustive listing and does not indicate an endorsement from LAM

Certified Lymphedema Therapist

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Lymphedema can be diagnosed by an experienced medical professional with a comprehensive physical examination which may include an imaging test to pinpoint the cause of the fluid build up.

Types of imaging:*
– Doppler ultrasound
– Lymphoscintigraphy
– CT scan
– MRI scan
– Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
– Indocyanine green (ICG)

* Imaging/testing differs from Province-Province/State-State