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LAM counts on donations and memberships.

The Lymphedema Association of Manitoba (LAM) counts on donations to continue promoting awareness and education about lymphedema for patients, those at risk of lymphedema and healthcare professionals.

Manitoba currently has no medical coverage for the management of this disease. The main source of treatment is through private fee-for-service therapists who are trained in manual lymph drainage (MLD) or complex decongestive therapy (CDT).

Patients with lymphedema or chronic edema are often unable to work at their original capacity due to this debilitating disease. Those with limited income and no extended health benefits can experience complications and consequences of inadequate access to treatment and compression.

Your generous donation can help us fulfill our mission!

Donations can be allocated to the reason of your choice. Please see below some options available, however you can choose the purpose of your donation.

Donations can be made to LAM through the following Methods:

  • E-transfer to:
  • Paypal to:
  • Mail a cheque to: PO Box 70047 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg MB, R3P 0X6

5 Reasons to Give

Donate $30
Give the gift of a LAM membership to an individual of your choice OR let LAM gift to an individual who does not have financial means for membership.

Donate $50-$100
Give to the Compression Assistance Grant.

Donate $250
Secure high-quality speakers for education and awareness.

Donate $500
Bursary for CLT therapists training (annual award).

Donate $500-1000
Sponsor our annual World Lymphedema Awareness Day Symposium and events.