An update from the Canada Regional Liaison of LANA

October 30, 2019

An announcement from the Canada Regional Liaison for LANA (Lymphology Association of North America):

The 30th therapist certified by LANA was recently achieved. From a start of only 13 in 2007, this is a significant milestone. In Manitoba, 7 of the local therapists have achieved this certification.

For those of you unaware, in April 2018 LANA was awarded accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for the CLT-LANA credentialing program. ANSI accreditation means that the organization conforms to the highest accreditation standard. It is good for a 5-year period and LANA will be subject to on-going demonstration of continuous improvements under this standard.

To celebrate 20 years, LANA has dropped the price by 50% if a therapist applies and is accepted before December 31, 2019 (new applicants only). You have 6 months from date of acceptance to write the exam.

Please note that LANA certification is not a requirement to be a LAM member and work as a trained lymphedema therapist in the province.